Betterful is about helping your charity make a greater impact.

Betterful is about helping your charity
make a greater impact.

What is Betterful?

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Betterful is a pro bono initiative from Ottawa-based creative agency McMillan.

We created Betterful with one goal in mind: to help you represent your charity or not-for-profit organization to the world with clarity and confidence. Yep, we’re talking a new, re-energized brand. And we’ll do it for free. Nada. No cost. Gratuit.

If your organization is selected, our team will work alongside yours to spruce up your image. We’ll help you determine:


What you say

Name Tag

What you’re called

Logo sign

What you look like

Switch board

What happens next

In short, we’ll do what it takes to help you build the brand that your charity or not-for-profit organization deserves—at no cost to you.

You do good. We’ll help you do good better.

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Why are we doing this?

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Betterful is McMillan’s way of giving back to the community.

We love the work we do, and we feel proud when our effort helps big global companies make a good impression on customers. But there’s an extra-special kind of pride that comes from applying that effort right here at home, to help a local organization succeed.

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A Betterful success story.

Introducing Being (formerly H’Art of Ottawa)—one of Ottawa’s most cherished arts organizations. They were the first to benefit from the Betterful initiative. We gave them an engaging new name, visual identity, and brand story—a story that fully voices the studio’s unique mission to nurture and champion creative expression from artists and writers with developmental disabilities.

Check out Being

Applications to Betterful are now open.

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